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The START7 servers are currently unavailable.
We ask for your patience! Thank you very much!

START7 is currently on summer break. Come back in August for the restart! All START7 managers can already look forward to world-class newcomers and new features!


Take control!

Build the strongest team possible from real LIQUI MOLY HBL players and collect the most points during the season to become champion of your league!

Get a premium membership for €1.99/month or €17.99/year and get access to the live matchday, advanced statistics and the line-up of other managers in your league.
Premium also allows you to play in up to 10 leagues at the same time, scores are calculated live during a match and you don't see any third-party advertising content.

Measure yourself against your friends!

In START7, your team competes against the teams of the opposing managers in your league. 12 managers can set up a league together and compete there in a direct comparison.

Who puts together the best team? Who will earn the highest transfer fees?

Exchange ideas with your friends and compete to see who gets the most points for the performance of their team.

Be close, no matter where you are!

Your team collects points based on real-life performance data of your players. The awarding of points is based on the official handball performance index of the HBL, which allows the performance of each player to be realistically assessed. Together with our data service providers, we collect performance and position data for each LIQUI MOLY HBL player, which you receive directly from the hall on your smartphone.

Based on this data, your players receive minus and plus points for each action during a match, which add up to your total points at the end of the match day.

Everything at a glance!

START7 is clear and structured. In the look and feel of the Handball Bundesliga, you will find all important information at a glance.

In the lobby, you can see the top scorers of the last month and keep an overview of new releases on the transfer market or the latest transfers in your league.
You can keep up to date with what's happening in the LIQUI MOLY HBL via the news feed.

Squad planning with your stars!

The heart of START7 is the squad planner: You can put together your team on seven positions. Your squad may contain a maximum of 12 players, which you can exchange before each match day.

Players who are placed in the squad collect points in their real games on match day, which contribute to your overall score. If you are able to collect plus points on a match day, this also increases your account balance.
If you are not satisfied with the performance of your players, you can offer them for sale on the transfer market or buy new players.

Trade your players on the virtual transfer market!

Each real player is only available once in each league you create.
While you receive a random team of 10 players and a fixed budget after joining a league, you can change your squad afterwards via the transfer market.
Sell your players on the transfer market or bid on your handball stars, which are offered by other managers from your league or from START7.
Supply and demand regulate the market value, which is updated daily.

The Bundesliga player is in focus!

As a START7 manager, you will have the opportunity to call up every licensed player from the LIQUI MOLY HBL to your squad. Whether you use your favourite players from your favourite club or rely on young and hungry rookies is up to you.

The player profiles in the app provide you with information about each player and his performance. Insights into the player statistics help you put together your team.

Want more? Get more!

The basic version of START7 is free of charge.

By purchasing a premium membership for €1.99/month or €17.99/year, you can unlock additional features:
Premium users get access to up to 10 leagues at the same time and can view advanced statistics on market values and player performance. In addition, you can call up the live matchday, which allows you to follow in real time how your players collect points for which match actions. This means that the points are calculated live during a match. Premium users also have access to the line-ups of other managers and do not see any third-party advertising content.

Most frequently asked questions

Is there a platform for all START7 managers?

Yes, a dedicated server has been set up on the Discord platform for this purpose, which anyone interested can simply join. There are various categories on the server with different channels in which every manager can talk to other handball fans about the Fantasy Manager or their own club.
After a short registration and acceptance of the community rules, every user has direct access to the various channels.

Click here to go directly to the official Discord server of “the strongest league in the world!”

How can I become a premium user, what are the advantages and what does it cost?

By purchasing a premium membership for €1.99/month or €17.99/year, you can unlock additional features:

Premium users of START7 get access to up to 10 leagues at the same time, can call up the live matchday and view further statistics on market values and the HPI performance of the players. Scoring takes place directly live during a match. Premium users also have access to other managers’ line-ups and do not see third-party advertising content.

To become a premium user, open your profile area in the app and press “Membership” there. The “Get premium” button will take you to the relevant App Store where you can take out the premium membership. Your subscription is automatically renewed in the selected billing period (monthly/yearly). Please note that your Premium subscription is then linked to the App Store ID you use to complete the payment process.

When you register for START7 for the first time, we will give you a 30-day trial of the premium membership. After the 30 days have expired, you will automatically switch to the basic START7 subscription. You can only manage your subscriptions after the 30 days have expired.

How does START7 calculate its points?

The points development is based on the performance data of your players from reality. The basis for calculating the points awarded to the individual players is the Handball Performance Index, or more precisely the HPI points. For each match action during a match, your players receive minus and plus points, which determine the amount of your bonus at the end of a match day. The more HPI points a player has collected, the better his performance was in the match. For the calculation, we use 25 statistical values (performance and position data) for each player in the LIQUI MOLY HBL, which we collect together with our data service providers.

Unlike the HPI points, where the starting value is between 50 an 100, the point calculation for START7 starts at 0.

You can find more information about the HPI here.

For which match actions on match day do my players get how many points?

The weighting and classification of the individual game actions is different for goalkeepers and field players.


TypePoints savePoints goal against
6 meters center8-2
6 meters left/right8-2
9 meters center7-3
9 meters left/right7-3
Direct free throw5-5

Field players

TypePoints goalPoints assistPoints throw off
6 meters center64-7
6 meters left/right73-7
9 meters center100-4
9 meters left/right100-4
Direct free throw100-1

Other events

Red card-10
Penalty caused-7
Technical fault-8
How are the market values of the players determined?

The market values of players are calculated based on supply and demand within the app. If the player is sold in an above-average number of leagues at a price below his market value, his market value decreases. If, on the other hand, he is bought more often than average at a price above his market value, his market value increases. Our market values are updated once a day around midnight, so that there is always a current daily price for each player.

How does the transfer market work?

On the transfer market, you can sell your players or buy more players for your squad. To buy a player, you simply place a bid for him. The offering manager will then receive a notification and can accept or reject your offer.

If you want to sell a player, select him in the transfer market screen via the plus symbol. You can enter your desired price for the player there, as well as the duration for which the player is to be offered on the transfer market. As soon as the player is on the transfer market, START7 will make you an offer for the player after some time. The other managers in your league can also make offers for your player via the transfer market. If you like an offer, you can accept it immediately and the player will then be transferred to your squad.

Further explanations of the transfer logic can be found in the game rules.



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