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General questions

What awards can you get?

By actively playing START7, you can earn awards and thus increase your account balance and level. You can view the awards you have earned in your profile.

NameDescription Experience PointsMoney
START7You have made your first lineup50010,000 euros
Matchday winnerYou won a matchday
25025,000 euros
Image rightsYou uploaded a profile picture50010,000 euros
Full House11 managers joined your league3,00025,000 euros
First purchase BronzeFirst player purchase over 150,000 euros1,00025,000 euros
First purchase SilverFirst player purchase over 500,000 euros2,00050,000 euros
First purchase GoldFirst player purchase over 1,000,000 euros3,000100,000 euros
Point picker BronzeYou collected 250 points1,00025,000 euros
Point picker SilverYou collected 500 points2,00050,000 euros
Point picker GoldYou collected 1,000 points3,000100,000 euros
Transfer King BronzeYou made 20 transfers1,0005,000 euros
Transfer King SilverYou made 50 transfers
2,00010,000 euros
Transfer King GoldYou made 100 transfers
3,00025,000 euros
League WinnerYou won a league5,000/
Full BenchYou have 18 players in the squad50010,000 euros

The “Matchday winner” and “Points picker” awards are always calculated 24 hours before the closing of the next matchday so that any corrections can be taken into account.

Is there a platform for all START7 managers?

Yes, a dedicated server has been set up on the Discord platform for this purpose, which anyone interested can simply join. There are various categories on the server with different channels in which every manager can talk to other handball fans about the Fantasy Manager or their own club.
After a short registration and acceptance of the community rules, every user has direct access to the various channels.

Click here to go directly to the official Discord server of “the strongest league in the world!”

How is a match day defined?

In START7, we do not define a match day according to the official LIQUI MOLY HBL match schedule, but sort the matches into match days according to their chronological order.

By default, we combine all matches that take place from Thursday to Monday into one match day in START7. All players you have lined up up to 5 minutes before kick-off of the first match will therefore score points for the matches from Thursday to Monday, regardless of the matchday allocation according to the official match schedule.

For example, if a match on matchday 18 is postponed to matchday 23, the team lined up for matchday 23 will also score points for the make-up match on matchday 18, even if the match officially belongs to an earlier matchday (according to the LIQUI MOLY HBL match schedule). At that time, you will also only receive the points for the make-up match of the official matchday 18.

In the same way, a team can play twice on a match day if matches have to be postponed. In this case, the players who belong to these teams and are lined up before the end of the countdown will score twice on that matchday.

If matches have to be played outside the standard time slot (Thursday to Monday), a special match day will be played. Again, you must field your squad up to 5 minutes before kick-off to earn points for the match. The countdown reminds you of this. The same rules apply as on a normal match day.

You can see exactly which matches are included in the calculation in the match overview in the lobby, which is always displayed at least 12 hours before the first match kicks off.

What happens after the 30-day premium trial subscription expires?

Every user who registers for START7 for the first time receives the premium membership free of charge for 30 days. After the 30 days have expired, you will automatically be shown a selection window in the app where you can decide whether you want to continue playing in the basic or premium version. If you choose premium, you will automatically be taken to the subscription management of the respective App Store and can conclude your subscription there.

Please note that it can take a few days after taking out a subscription before the App Store registers your subscription and the premium features are activated in START7. The terms and conditions of the respective App Store apply.

If you want to switch to the basic version, you must decide which league you want to continue playing in via the selection window.

After the trial subscription has expired, you can manage your subscriptions via the “personal data” section in your profile.

Can I delete a league?

Currently, leagues cannot be deleted.

Simply leave the league via the league overview by clicking on the “Leave league” button at the bottom and create a new league if required.

How can I invite my friends?

All admins of a league can send friends and acquaintances an invitation link to the league by clicking on the button “Invite other friends” in the league overview in the menu “League”.

If you create a league, you can invite your friends directly via an invitation link.

How can I become a premium user, what are the advantages and what does it cost?

By purchasing a premium membership for €1.99/month or €17.99/year, you can unlock additional features:

Premium users of START7 get access to up to 10 leagues at the same time, can call up the live matchday and view further statistics on market values and the HPI performance of the players. Scoring takes place directly live during a match. Premium users also have access to other managers’ line-ups and do not see third-party advertising content.

To become a premium user, open your profile area in the app and press “Membership” there. The “Get premium” button will take you to the relevant App Store where you can take out the premium membership. Your subscription is automatically renewed in the selected billing period (monthly/yearly). Please note that your Premium subscription is then linked to the App Store ID you use to complete the payment process.

When you register for START7 for the first time, we will give you a 30-day trial of the premium membership. After the 30 days have expired, you will automatically switch to the basic START7 subscription. You can only manage your subscriptions after the 30 days have expired.

How does START7 calculate its points?

The points development is based on the performance data of your players from reality. The basis for calculating the points awarded to the individual players is the Handball Performance Index, or more precisely the HPI points. For each match action during a match, your players receive minus and plus points, which determine the amount of your bonus at the end of a match day. The more HPI points a player has collected, the better his performance was in the match. For the calculation, we use 25 statistical values (performance and position data) for each player in the LIQUI MOLY HBL, which we collect together with our data service providers.

Unlike the HPI points, where the starting value is between 50 an 100, the point calculation for START7 starts at 0.

You can find more information about the HPI here.

For which match actions on match day do my players get how many points?

The weighting and classification of the individual game actions is different for goalkeepers and field players.


TypePoints savePoints goal against
6 meters center8-2
6 meters left/right8-2
9 meters center7-3
9 meters left/right7-3
Direct free throw5-5

Field players

TypePoints goalPoints assistPoints throw off
6 meters center64-7
6 meters left/right73-7
9 meters center100-4
9 meters left/right100-4
Direct free throw100-1

Other events

Red card-10
Penalty caused-7
Technical fault-8
How do I register for START7?

To register for the START7 handball manager, you need a user account that you have created via our central registration service (single sign-on). With the login data you can log in to the START7 start window.

If you have not yet created a user account, you can do so by clicking on the “Register” tab on the login screen in the START7 start window. To register, you must enter an e-mail address and a password. It is optional to enter your favourite club.

When you log in to the app for the first time, you will be asked to enter a user name (each user name can only be used once for all games) and to confirm the terms and conditions and data protection information. If you wish, you can also upload a profile picture from your smartphone.

How much money do I have at my disposal?

The amount of your account balance changes through the purchases and sales you make on the transfer market. In addition, the bonus you receive for the performance of your players after a match day influences your account balance.

When joining a league, all managers receive 3 million euros, randomly divided between the value of the squad and the account balance.

I can’t log in…

Please check that your email address and password match your login details. If you want to reset your password, you can do so on the login screen under “Forgot your password?”.

If you are still unable to log in, please send us an email to with your username and registered email address.

How many managers can be in a START7 league?

Up to 12 managers can compete together in a league for points. However, the league system also works with you as the only player. We recommend that you invite at least five other friends to your league for maximum fun.

How do I become part of a league?

You can either found a league yourself and invite your friends via an invitation link, or have a friend add you to their league via an invitation link. League founders automatically become administrators of the league. You can send the invitation link from your league overview by clicking on the button at the bottom “Invite more friends”.

Alternatively you have the possibility to join a public league.

It is possible to join at any time after the start of the season.

How many leagues can I play in at the same time?

In the basic version of START7, you can create a league or join a league. To join (or create) more leagues, you have to get the premium version of START7 for 1.99 €/month or 17.99 €/year. Then you can play in 10 leagues at the same time.

After the 30-day premium trial membership has expired, you automatically switch to the basic subscription. You can decide in which league you want to continue playing.

A player is missing a current player picture or jersey

Ideally, all pictures of our Bundesliga players are up-to-date. In exceptional cases, it may happen that the picture has to be updated after a change of players or when young players are used. We ask for your patience in these cases.

Why are some features not available for free?

The START7 servers, the staff and the further development of the app have their price. In this respect, we have to cover the costs incurred. Therefore, only premium users get access to our live systems and more extensive insights into statistics. We strive every day to offer you a product that is “worth the money”.

Is there a web version of START7?

No. We are currently working on optimising our app for iOS and Android.