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Rules of Play

1. in order to score points, your team must be set up

In the team section of the START7 app, you can set up your team. Five minutes before the start of a match day or special match day, your line-up is logged in and you can no longer adjust it for the upcoming match day. A countdown reminds you to make the line-up in time. After your team has been logged in, you can already change it for the next matchday and put players on the transfer market.

Attention: You will be deducted 10 points for each unoccupied position on match day.

2. at the beginning of a match day, your account balance must be positive

As a manager, you have the possibility to borrow money from the bank and let your account run into the negative. You see an interesting player on the transfer market, but your budget is not enough? No problem, because you can overdraw your account.

But keep in mind that you can only borrow a maximum of 20 percent of your squad’s value. Your account will then show a negative amount.

By the start of the next match day (end of the countdown), however, your account must be balanced or positive again, otherwise you will not be able to collect points with your entire team.

3. offers are binding

If you make a bid for a player on the transfer market, even if it is significantly higher than his market value, it is immediately binding. This means that the manager who hired the player can accept your bid immediately and the player will then change hands.

You want to cancel your bid before it has been accepted? Then press the button “Delete offer” for the respective player on the transfer market under “My bids”.

4. Für erzielte Punkte erhältst du Prämien

Für jeden Punkt, den deine Spieler an einem realen Bundesliga-Spieltag erzielen, erhältst du nach Ende des Spieltages eine Prämie. Für jeden Pluspunkt werden 500 Euro gutgeschrieben, für Minuspunkte werden hingegen 500 Euro abgezogen. Die Plus- und Minuspunkte werden miteinander verrechnet und dein Konto mit dem Ergebnis belastet bzw. gefüllt.

Bitte beachte, dass du für die Performance deiner Spieler keine Punkte erhältst, wenn dein Kontostand bei Beginn des Spieltags (zum Ende des Countdowns) im Negativen ist.

5. winner of the game

The manager who has collected the most points in his league at the end of the last matchday of a season wins the season and thus also the championship. If you keep your league in the coming season, the previous year’s winner receives a champion symbol next to his manager’s name in the table.