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Transfer Market

How are the market values of the players determined?

The market values of players are calculated based on supply and demand within the app. If the player is sold in an above-average number of leagues at a price below his market value, his market value decreases. If, on the other hand, he is bought more often than average at a price above his market value, his market value increases. Our market values are updated once a day around midnight, so that there is always a current daily price for each player.

How does the transfer market work?

On the transfer market, you can sell your players or buy more players for your squad. To buy a player, you simply place a bid for him. The offering manager will then receive a notification and can accept or reject your offer.

If you want to sell a player, select him in the transfer market screen via the plus symbol. You can enter your desired price for the player there, as well as the duration for which the player is to be offered on the transfer market. As soon as the player is on the transfer market, START7 will make you an offer for the player after some time. The other managers in your league can also make offers for your player via the transfer market. If you like an offer, you can accept it immediately and the player will then be transferred to your squad.

Further explanations of the transfer logic can be found in the game rules.

Why didn’t I get a player I bid on?

This can have several reasons:

  1. The other manager has accepted a bid from another manager.
  2. ‍Your bid was lower than the market value of the player at the time of the transfer. The further your bid is below the market value, the lower the probability that the bid will be accepted. You should review your bid before the transfer deadline, as the player’s market value may have changed since the bid was made, causing your bid to fall below the market value.