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Who is honoured as champion?

At the end of the real LIQUI MOLY HBL season, the manager with the most points is crowned champion. In the event of a tie, the manager with the lowest number of matchdays will be crowned champion.

If the number of match days is also equal, the manager with the highest squad value is crowned champion.

Why are injured players not marked?

Unlike in other sports, handball lacks a central database in which injuries can be reliably entered and a marking of injured players can be automated in an app like START7 based on such a database. Injury statuses in handball are very fast-moving and intransparent. Often, it is only decided a few minutes before the start of a match that players will be absent due to injury.
Therefore, we have to leave it in the managers’ area of responsibility to inform themselves about injuries and to take this into account in their squad planning.

What happens to my team at the end of the season?

At the end of the season, we reset your team and your account balance.

At the start of the new season you will be assigned a new squad.

When will my points earned on match day be determined?

Your points are calculated on the basis of performance and position data from our data partner.As a basic user, you can view the points scored by your players two hours after the kick-off of the last match of a match day.If you are a premium user, you can watch the points development of your players live on the league screen.

We reserve the right to make corrections to the points allocation of the previous match day 24 hours before the start of a match day. If serious corrections are necessary, all managers will be notified accordingly. On special match days, the points will be credited on the following day.

When will I receive the bonuses that my players have earned for me with their scored points?

Two hours after the kick-off of the last match of a matchday. There may be corrections to the scoring system, which may also affect the number of points you have received for your players’ performance after the end of the match day. The correction is usually made 24 hours before the start of the next match day.

Why did I not receive any points or point deduction on a match day?

At the beginning of a match day (countdown in the squad screen) your team must be complete (7 players). You will be deducted 10 points for each position that is not filled.

In addition, points can be deducted if you collect minus points with all your players on a match day.

You will not receive any points for the performance of your players if your account balance is negative at the beginning of the match day (at the end of the countdown).

How far can my bank balance be negative?

You are allowed to go into the red by a maximum of 20 percent of your team’s value. This also affects the amount you can bid for players on the transfer market.

Please note that your account balance has to be positive at the beginning of the matchday (at the end of the countdown), otherwise you will not receive any points for your players on this matchday.

Your team is worth one million euros. This means that your account can be in the red by a maximum of 200,000 euros.

You can therefore bid a maximum of 200,000 euros for players on the transfer market.

Am I allowed to change my line-up, transfer players and go into the red after the kick-off of a matchday?

Yes, all changes after the login of your team for the current matchday (after the countdown in the squad screen) are valid for the next matchday. For example, if you sell players on Friday after the closing on Thursday, the players lined up on Thursday will continue to score for the matches on Sunday.

What happens when a player leaves the league?

The player is marked in the squad list by an exit symbol and the user receives a push notification that the player has left. As the manager, you are responsible for selling the player. START7 will buy the player from you at any time if you offer him for sale on the transfer market.

What happens if a match is abandoned?

If a match is abandoned, all points scored in the match up to that point will be reset and will not be taken into account in the final points calculation for the match day. If the make-up match of the abandoned match then takes place during a subsequent match day, the team then fielded for the match day also collects points for the make-up match.

What are the different levels of promotion?

Your manager score is global and reflects your personal progress in the game. Your successes from different leagues all count towards the same score. For each plus point you receive for the performance of your players after the end of a match day, you will receive 10 experience points (XP) credited to your profile. By collecting XP, you advance in the levels. You will progress through the following levels: Rookie Manager, Amateur Manager, Experienced Manager, Professional Manager, Bundesliga Manager and Championship Manager.